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 Fax: (610) 647-2803

SUMMARY: Extensive Information Systems experience specializing in management and planning of software design & development, data base administration and operating systems support. Management experience includes product development, major conversions, systems programming, disaster/recovery, application development, database administration and system performance.

Project responsibilities have included planning, budgets, hiring, implementation, user interface and support, software design and development, documentation and problem isolation and resolution. Possesses good verbal and written communication skills (see attached publications list). Fred can work independently or as part of a team.

Technical knowledge includes distributed environments; databases (DB2, IMS, ADABAS, MS SQL/Server, Oracle, Access); on-line design (CICS, TSO, IMS, Web based, JAVA, HTML, JSP, JAVA-Beans, Visual Basic, SQL, REXX, LAN/WAN access); software development (MVS/ESA, SAS, MS NT & 2000 Server, Linux, JCL, Cobol (IBM and Micro Focus), VSAM, REXX, DOS, WINDOWS 2000/9x/3.x, Microsoft networking, MS/IIS, Apache, Web Sphere and Macromedia JRUN Web Servers.)

Please note that I have done all of the things in my resume. You will not find a single skill or industry focus. This is good for you because it means that I have experience across a variety of environments, industries and situations. An average Cobol programmer with 10 years of continuous Cobol programming, even in your specific industry, may not be any better than a good programmer with 5 years of Cobol programming in multiple industries and situations. In fact, variety makes the later programmer a much better resource. Please keep this in mind as you review my resume and think about your current and future requirements. In addition, the technical publications indicate subject knowledge and the ability to communicate.

Independent Consultant System Design and Support, Inc. 2/91 - present

12/01 - curr - ICS (Newtown Square, PA) - Web Based Software Design & Development - design and development of a multi-platform Disaster/Recovery Monitor to collect, manage and analyze data from multiple, heterogeneous, software products. The system is web-based with collectors on multiple platforms and uses an open database repository for operational and historical data. Skills: ASP, JSP, Servlets, JAVA, VB/JScript, FrontPage 2000, Linux, Windows 2000 Server, SQL Server, Veritas Backup Software, MS IIS, REXX

08/01 - 12/01 -  ICS (Newtown Square, PA) - Local Area Network and Web Site Development - install and support a Local Area Network (LAN) for a local consulting company (20 users for local and remote access). Ethernet (10/100) network with Microsoft 2000/NT Server administration and security. Access to the internet and email via network "appliance" (IBM and Netsoft). Web hosting via local ISP. Secure remote access via VPN and [backup] dial-in to network and IBM mainframe. Install Linux workstation. Web site development and support using FrontPage, JavaScript and JAVA. Skills: FrontPage 2000, ASP, JSP, Servlets, Beans, Applets, JAVA, Linux, Ethernet, Hubs, Switches, Routers, Windows 2000/NT Server, MS IIS and Apache Web Servers, Network Appliances, TN3270, Email Administration

04/00 - 8/01 First Data Corporation - Disaster/Recovery for Financial Data Center - Technical lead responsible for design, planning and implementation of a Disaster/Recovery plan for one of this organizations large, multi-site data centers. Work with all areas; application developers, database, systems, networking, support and operations on PC (NT Servers), midrange (RS/6000) and mainframe platforms (IBM/MVS). Design a unified plan for system recovery at remote recovery site. Implement a unified process based on synchronized data capture and database backups and mirrored DASD (MVS and SAN). Create system restart procedures and ongoing processes to maintain this environment within the system life cycle process. Skills: User Interface, System Requirements, Design, Scheduling, SAS, DB2, CICS, REXX, CA7, Excel, Word, Mirrored DASD, DF/DSS, JCL, MVS Utilities, DB2 Utilities for DB Recovery

01/00 - 06/00 CSC - System Conversion - convert/migrate/enhance $100M PC based financial processes from DBASE to mainframe platform using CICS/DB2 on-line, DB2 batch DBMS access. Used Telon code generator for online (CICS) and batch development. Skills: Cobol, DB2, SQL, CICS, JCL, Telon, Dumps, DBase, Windows 9x

09/98 - 02/00 ICS - Year 2000 Development - Project Manager responsible for the design, development and installation of a Year-2000 regression testing product. Responsible includes project planning, system design, selection and management of development staff (3 full time and 4 part time), coding components, testing, creation of users documentation, training and installation and support at customers sites. Install LAN with NT Server (RAS/VPN) and P/390 to create a software development environment for local and remote developers. Implement secure VPN access via the internet to extend the network and lower the cost. Design and implement web pages (HTML and JAVA Scripting) to support product marketing and client interface. Skills: System Design, Planning, Cobol, DB2, JCL, VSAM, Assembler, CICS, Easytrieve, PL/1, CICS Exits, RDO, SVCs, Multi-tasking threads, MVS Utilities, JAVA, JavaScript, HTML

01/98 - 08/98 Providian Insurance - Year-2000 Technical Consultant - repair major application system as partner with national software product and consulting services company. Tasks included developing tools, modifying software, inventory analysis and designing testing strategy. Advisor to staff of 6 contractors and 4 internal technicians. Skills: JCL MVS, Cobol, CICS, VSAM, Project Management, MRO, Regression Testing, REXX, CLIST, Excel, Word

09/97 - 01/98 Citibank - Roscoe to REXX conversion - for a number of application systems to eliminate Roscoe Software - rewrite applications and emulate Roscoe functionality with REXX and ISPF code. Skills: Roscoe, REXX, JCL, MVS, User Interface, ISPF

08/97 - 10/97 Barnett Bank - Year 2000 Analysis to evaluate and determine the extent of impact and implementation methodology for changes required to make several large systems Year 2000 compliant for a major bank. These systems handle critical processing functions and are heavily modified by the client. Skills: Client Interface, Technical Writing

02/97 - 08/97 Core States Financial Services - Project manager to analyze and implement system-wide changes for optimization of application systems performance in anticipation of processing growth due to mergers and regulatory changes in the industry. Study includes applications infrastructure, processing methodology and data base implementation. Staff of 2. Skills: Cobol, IMS, SAS, JCL, Performance Tools

08/96 - 02/97 Independence Blue Cross - Design and implement DB2 interface for detection and impact analysis for scheduling hot-spots due to major resource outages in support of Operations staff in a large, centralized data center. Skills: Cobol, DB2, SQL & DDL, JCL, CA7

06/96 - 09/96 Fulbright & Jaworski - Technical Expert/Witness in a dispute over trade secrets violations between two software development companies. Skills: IMS, Assembler

01/96 - 09/96 UGI - Install, upgrade and evaluate performance of DB2 related products. Install and benchmark BMC Utilities for more efficient DB2 performance, administration and support. Develop documentation for turnover to DBAs for ongoing support. Skills: DBA, DB2, JCL, MVS Utilities, BMC Utilities

12/95 - 01/96 Travelers Insurance - Evaluate proprietary software systems acquired via merger. Determine the feasibility of standardizing systems from the perspectives of risk, features, performance, reliability and ongoing support. Skills: System Design, User Interface

04/95 - 12/95 Providian Insurance - Project Manager for DOS/VSE to MVS conversion / migration of batch and on-line (CICS) application systems. Manage project in 4 cities. Provide planning and oversight as well as technical leadership to deliver over 1200 batch (COBOL-II) and 200 on-line (CICS) application programs. Staff of 4. Skills: Cobol, CICS, VSAM, JCL (MVS and DOS), Project Planning, Excel, Word

06/93 - 05/95 SUN Refining and Manufacturing - Data Administration to develop and implement a corporate-wide, relational, reference data base throughout all corporate systems (operational and decision support) currently using DB2 (R2.3), IMS(R4.1) and VSAM. Responsibilities include data modeling (logical and physical), interfaces to support RI, security, and data integrity API. Develop end-user interfaces with 4-GLs and PC based GUIs. Tools include Bachman Data Base Modeling and Case forward engineering and Brownstone Data Dictionary Solution. DB distribution system is Client/Server designed around DB2, CICS, COBOL-II and NATURAL with a replicated LAN DBMS (MS SQL/Server) using the MDI gateway, Power Builder 3.0 and Visual Basic 3.0. Skills: Cobol, Natural, DB2, IMS, VSAM, Assembler, SQL Server, MDI Gateway

04/93 - 06/93 Wilmington Trust - IMS Systems Programmer to support IMS 4.1 and develop an interface with CICS 3.x. Support IMS DB/DC, Program Products and interface to DB2 under IMS/DC. Skills: IMS, CICS, SMP/E, Dumps, User Interface, IBM Link, PTFs

03/93 - 05/93 COMDISCO - IMS Systems Programmer to install IMS 2.2 and migrate customer (applications and custom coded exits) from IMS 1.3 from their own data center. Sysgen IMS system, Implement security, Convert Signon Exits and User transactions. Assist with DB migration, system testing and problem resolution (user level and PTFs). Implement RACF security and provide general user assistance. Skills: Cobol, IMS, Assembler, IMS Exits, SMP/E, IBM Link, PTFs

08/92 - 03/93 GE Capital Mortgage - Development of interfaces between IBM mainframe, CICS, COBOL-II systems and AS/400, PC based outboard processing systems. Investigate Client / Server technology and provide support for in-house systems. Skills: Cobol, JCL, CICS, DB2, SAS, SAS/DB2

02/91 - 08/92 ASI - Development Manager to lead, design and develop mainframe based products for a New England based optical storage hardware vendor. The development projects (staff of 8) were based in Philadelphia and provide entry into the IBM marketplace to sell optical systems. Both developments were 4-7 man year projects using CICS, COBOL-II and MVS. The products are priced in the $500K range for bundled software and hardware. Skills: CICS, Cobol (IBM and Micro Focus) JCL, MVS Utilities, Assembler, Dumps

Senior Systems/DB Consultant

S/SE (Independent Consulting Firm)

10/86 - 2/91

09/89 - 02/91 FileTek/Defense Logistics Agency - responsible for the installation and support of a $1M optical storage system with 100+ gigabytes of online capacity. Install host and minicomputer software; establish procedures and usage guidelines; design and implement user applications; develop interfaces to existing application & vendor software; prepare and present functional system descriptions to users and management. Staff of 2.

02/89 - 08/89 General Electric - Design and development of a Consolidated Purchasing system using CICS, COBOL-II and DB2. Assist data base designers and developers with setting up procedures for system development and reporting on data base status and processing efficiency. Develop common application system components. Review EXPLAIN data and assist with performance tuning. Write QMF queries and reports for Application and DB2 data base status information.

03/88 - 12/88 DuPont Data Systems - MVS systems programming support for multiple, large scale (3090/600x) systems under MVS/ESA. Lead projects & assist with training new staff. Provide systems support (procedures, SMPE/5, product evaluation and implementation. Projects included: MVS/ESA 4.0 Migration Planning, Hipersorting, ES (Expanded Storage) exploitation, MICS, System Exit routines, SAS, SMF, ICF Catalog Recovery.

07/87 - 02/88 Amdahl/The Franklin Mint - DB2 DBA Manager (acting) to coordinate data base & system design, standards, DBMS usage and performance. Implement development strategy for a CICS -DB2 system to include order-entry, fulfillment, billing and market-research sub-systems in a $400M direct sales company. Design logical data base models and physical structures from analysis of business requirements and system resources. Manage and control (via locally developed dictionary and QMF) data definition, standards & conventions. Execute utilities and review performance data.

10/86 - 06/87 ARCO Chemical - MVS Support for MVS operating systems and program products. Support programming staff and operations during the migration to AS/400 processors. Create system performance reports using SAS and SAS Graph. Apply system maintenance and interface with IBM for technical support.

Manager, Data Base Administration SEI 8/85 - 10/86

Manage (staff of 5 DBAs) Data Base group with large IBM mainframe systems for a nation-wide Financial Management company using ADABAS. Install and support data base software, provide backup/recovery facilities, supply application design and development support, utility programs and 4GL programming, DB design direction for new projects. Investigate migration to DB2.

Data Base Administrator AT&T 6/84 - 8/85

Logical and physical DB design/support for an IMS based billing system using IMS DB/DC. Advise and review data base design; participate in design walk-throughs; assist in problem debugging and resolution (for batch, online and BTS modes); coordinate DB changes through corporate data administration staff.

Consultant Independent Consulting 10/83 - 6/84

Office Automation System design and development. Technical manager for Tandem based on-line system (staff of 6) to initially support 250 terminals with 30% graphics devices (including full color support). Full function Office Automation (OA) system with relational data base, meeting scheduler, english-like query generator, graphics, security, and text processing in fault tolerant operational mode.

Systems Programming Consultant Martin Marietta 6/77 - 10/83
Systems Programming Manager The Leader Corporation 5/75 - 6/77
Systems Programmer Coastal States Gas Company 8/74 - 5/75
Systems Programmer National Bank of Detroit 7/73 - 8/74
Systems Programmer McDonnell Douglas Corporation 4/68 - 7/73


Enterprise Server/390, S/390, ES/9000, 3090, 308x, 303x, 43xx, Optical Storage

    MICRO: PCs (8088, 8086, 6809,486-DX, 586, Pentium), Laser Printers, LAN, Disk, Tape, Scanners, CDROM, Ethernet Networks, CD-R(W), Hubs, Routers

DB2, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS/Access, IMS (DB), VSAM, ADABAS, SQLBase, TIS (TOTAL), Brownstone DD/S Repository, Bachman Data Modeling



MS IIS, Web Browsers, WebSphere, Apache, JRUN, CICS, TSO (ISPF, CPs, CLIST, REXX), IMS (DC)


Windows 2000/9x/3.11, NT & 2000 Server, Power Builder, Visual Basic, Natural for Windows, LINUX, DOS, OS/2, MicroFocus COBOL & CICS, DBASE, MS Office, LAN/WAN, WordPerfect, Communication Software, WWW Pages (HTML, JAVAScript, JAVA Applets, JAVA Server Pages (JSP), Active Server Pages (ASPs), JAVA Servlets, JAVA Beans), Visual Basic, Page Mill, Front Page

NETWORKS: Ethernet Networks (10/100 Mb, Thinnet), Hubs, Switches, Routers, NT & 2000 Server, RAS, VPN, MS IIS, Web Hosting, Intranets
LANGUAGES: HTML, JAVA, JavaScript, ASP, JSP, VB/Jscript, QMF, SQL, Cobol for MVS, COBOL-II, SAS (Stats, Graphics, DB2 (SAS/ACCESS)), REXX, CLIST, Assembler, C, Telon (online & batch), Natural (Host and PC), Access
OTHER: Logical & Physical DB Design, InfoLink, DB2/IMS/ADABAS Utilities, TELON, DB2PM, QMF, SMF, SAS, Omegamon, Expiditer, AbendAid, FileAid, SyncSort, Easytrieve, Panvalet, RACF, ACF2, VSAM & ICF Catalogs, DBASE, MS Office


Technical Editor for Technical Support Magazine
More than 50 technical articles published (see attached list)


MBA (Management) Rollins College Orlando, FL
MSM (Management) Rollins College Orlando, FL
BS (Mechanical Engineering) Washington University St.Louis, MO


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